Short History of East Linton Art Group


East Linton Art Group is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

In 1989 Agnes Wilkinson and her husband Jack came from Yorkshire to live in East Linton. Agnes had been in an art group in Yorkshire and decided it would be a good idea to form one in East Linton. She decided to advertise to find some like-minded people. Agnes soon met up for coffee with Sheila Wilson and Anne Craik and these three ladies are still active members of the group. Other members that joined them, to name a few were, Sheila Hooper, Margaret Warren, Margaret Killey, Viola Pate, Mary McFarlane, Biddy Thomson, Jean Hunter, Elisabeth Frazer, Myra McCallum, Iris Shepherd, Gerda Senby and Mr Oglivie.

The group first met in The British Legion Hut , also used by the scouts in School Road. They were a self help group and mainly worked in water colour. At Christmas after a year of working together they invited their friends to see their work. During the summer on Monday afternoons they painted outside and were treated to refreshments by Mrs Lawson the minister’s wife and many others.

In 1995 the group went on a holiday together to Stirling which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Agnes has some stories to tell!

After three years due to the damp and the lack of light the group moved to St Andrews Hall where they could exhibit their work more easily.
When St. Andrews was sold in 1998 the group moved to the Stables at Preston Kirk were they had two exhibitions.

Agnes continued to run the group for 18 years and when she stepped down the group was chaired by Sonia Smith and a committee was formed.
In 2000 they moved to the small hall in the new Community Hall, meeting on Monday afternoons from 1-4pm where they still meet to this day. There is an Exhibition of paintings every year at the end April/beginning of May in the Community Hall. Many of our members also exhibit their work in local galleries. At present we have a membership of approximately 30 people.

We look forward with confidence to the next 25 years!

On the 13th October 2014 the Group held a party to celebrate this landmark event and here are some pictures on the event.